Will you just wait and see?
How long will you stay here?
What will you do then?
Do you mean plants?
Will it lead to an overall outcome dissatisfaction?
You can always extend the scope of action you know..
Whats different?
Are there things without a use?
How can anyone be calm?
What are the most critical obstacles or constraints?
Where do you get your news?
And did you also know that the more lavish the plans blossom, the more tricky the action becomes?
"When will you deliver? ",
What if the car needs fuel?
Coordination is important!
And when? And why? And by whom?
What if it rains?
Could I see you stubbornly holding on to something that might never be/work/happen?
Do you evaluate every option carefully?
What is there to expect?
What does alright even mean?
Would you ever like to go back to how it was before?
And the next weeks, how is it then?
Are you alright?
Do you even want to see your visions turned into reality?
Do you drink enough water?
What song always gets you out on the dance floor?
What about the allegedly wrong conditions..?
Is this a scheme?
Do you know that nothing can be for granted?
Do you sometimes deny things?
Was that everything?
Will you wait some more?
Do you still have everything under control?
Or the thing in between, that is neither right nor wrong, because sometimes there might be no such thing as?
Could the topic be unfolded so far that something has to be performed now?
What if it's cold?
And also later.. what's later?
I prepared something and I want you to see it!
You wanna go out for dinner sometime?
How long are you staying?
How will everything be?
What happens if nothing will be successful?
Whats your opinion on this?
What will change soon?
Do you think you could reduce the multilayered effects of planning to decisive functions?
Then, will there be mutual dependencies across several levels?
And if someone asks you, will you respond?
And when something is over, how do you feel?
So, what is the truth?
You land on a large air cushion and therefore can rehearse tricks safely.
Did you make a list?
Or the wrong thing?
I have something impoooortant to discuss with you- Lezz meet!
Next year? What then?
Do your teeth also hurt when the weather changes?
Make corrections, reconcile and/or exchange subject and object or leave them alone..
Should we all go for a walk before it gets dark?
What could help to structure the problem?
What will be tomorrow?
Fyi, anything can be conducted somehow..
Let's review some recent facts
And when?
How long do you stay in one place before anyone notices?
What is your personal passion in all of this?
How many times you have to change?
How do you like it here?
Are you following a main timeline?
Who will take care?
Where will you pee?
What could be a mission?
Overall, the planning must be updated!
And still, I have the feeling we should meet!
Who are you and what are your qualifications?
Will you have the discipline to separate the unavoidable from the desirable? (changes to continue to follow the plan?)
And instead rely on opinions and/or hunches?
Does the planning process usually proceed in several stages as a sequence of phases?
Would you commit?
What areas should your team focus on?
Are you free tonight?
What would be ideal…. …for you personally?
When are you launching?
And then the day after tomorrow …. What's then?
But how can anyone know?
Are you able to find the right words?
Could you take it very easy?
Who can help?
And if the planner (me/you/they/them), unaware of the process overlooks the fact that there are further chains of sequential processes, branches, And/or mergers …what will happen then?
Would it change everything?
What is your field?
Could you ever bravely reach the point where there is no turning back?
And when the planning ages..
How could you best leverage the assets?
Another sign could be: different prioritization and chaining
Will simplification bear the risk of inadequate representation?
How much would you sacrifice to make the impossible happen?
How can you be calm?
Are there elementary subsequent conditions?
Are you calculating the best solution?
Is every new information a model character for further consideration?
When will you return?
Or, generally a revised plan will show growth in all of these characteristics?
Did you consider all the things, that should definitely be considered carefully?
Do you think, when something unfortunate or unexpected happens, you can just deal with it?
Will there be a resolution of conflicts of distribution and interests?
Can I also walk when it's dark?
Do you ignore things/facts?
Do you have plans for today?
When do you have to get to the airport?
Must it first be enforced at every step against the adversities?
What about the alleged technical impossibilities?
Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?
What if you miss the departure?
In which bed you want to sleep?
Why is there something instead of nothing?
Sure, you can use all the tools that allow early signs to be better perceived-
Please actively help to shape the future in a particular area!
Such as loops or impossible scheduling?
Did you budget your work?
Can you define your goals?
Do you now how to do the right thing?
Will you find a flight at the right time to the right place?
Do you have everything you need?
Are there any other topics to talk about?
Do you ever wonder?
Have you thought of perception, definition and solution approaches?
Is it to be expected that both the time, money and resource requirements will be estimated to change with the passage of time based on the formulated requirements (specifications)?
Will it lead to misjudgment?
Whats your primary method of communication?
And also later…. What's later?
Will the financial, social and technical details be forming the progress of knowledge?
Why are you here?
Are there boundaries to be considered?
How will you know when you've reached the goal?
Could this be an offer of apparent control over the future?
How safe will be the automatic checking procedures?
How often do you ask yourself: how did things get so bad?
Who wants to solve all the exciting tasks?
However..are you being safe?
Can they detect formal errors, such as loops or impossible scheduling?
Is it ok if Ralph and Shiva come for New Year's eve?
When will the plan be recognized as unfeasible?
Do you really want to decide in advance what is to be done?
If I look closely, might I catch you taking things too seriously?
Have you forgotten to water the plans?
Are there established initial conditions?
Could you turn a ‘no' into a ‘yes'?
Are there given termination conditions?
How do you think things will develop?
And will the creator/s recognize it as such?
So: continuous updating
What are you doing here?
Do you also loose orientation sometimes?
Are you familiar with the early warning function?
What day is today (beyond its invented name)?
The lack of flexibility and creativity in an action plan can significantly affect things!
Do you now the main pitfall of planning?
What keeps you up at night?
Will you cross that bridge when you come to it?
What will be reality?
Are you sure that an orderly and efficient manner is appropriate?
On the other hand, will it require?
What's your favorite way to spend your day?
Will there be an ever-increasing variety of adversities?
Do you sometimes black things out?
One sign could be: different allocation of scheduled resources
Could you be inspired by the obvious impossibility of knowing all of the things?
To what degree are you able to control the course? (Or yourself)?
Will a particular problem arise?
What is there and what could be there ?
Did you ask someone for advice?
Do you ever pretend like nothing happened?
Where do you hide at a party?
Could you be inspired in the phase of the impossible?
Do you think better times are coming?