Walls & Birds

Walls & Birds - Floweri

tom: Dm

Em7b5 Bbmaj7 A7/G A7 Dm7 Oh day by day I’m in Floweri love Gdim Dm though that aint far enough D7b9 Gm Her I study A7 F6 Softly she rings for me / He knows I dream of a Em7b5 A7 Dm7 Where have you/I been Gdim Dm7 (D7b9) Oh in floweri love. Gm7 A7 Bbmaj7 F7 Her eyes steady on the display that I wear. Em7b5 A7 Bbmaj7 F7 Your heart is hard to combine, with mine Gm7 A7 Bbmaj7 We never once did speak of love F7 Em7b5 A7 And you were always really hard to come by floweri. Chorus Drifting east among early autumn clouds Your heart is hard to combine with mine, Thoughts are mirror Palais there aint no escape And I’m aware of certain kinds of fractions in your eyes. Chorus Oh hold me close I will always be yours.