Walls & Birds

Walls & Birds - Nonsuchpalace

tom: Eb

Eb Cm Fm Deep deep down in the great great hall Eb Cm Fm Ab There is a man standing quiet and tall tall. Eb Cm Dressed with a white dress right infant a white wall Eb Cm Fm There is a man standing quiet and tall. Eb Gm When he moves it’s silence Eb Gm When his dress goes around him Fm It’s silence Eb Gm So I got up and danced with him arm in arm Eb Gm Fm Ab Come and seek where our voices sound they cannot sing above the ground Eb Gm Fm G7 Because we are under water and we are just looking for dead(that) bodies under(on the) ground. Eb So long I’ve been watching you Ab Eb Watching you do things I don’t believe Eb So sun sets over palace street Ab Eb I forgot the place we used to meet. Abm As the man across the street goes: Eb Gm Fm Eb Gm I see and I feel your hand hardly touching my heart Abm Eb As the water turns to hot for my skin Gm Fm Eb D Gm I wonder where I was when the water was just as cold for my skin my day Eb Finds and abrupt end D Gm Eb Gm My day finds an end as a tragedy Eb D Gm A tragedy so I go and take care Eb Fm I dont remember the name Ab Eb And I don’t think that he ever knew mine. Gm Eb Gm Fm Eb He fills the air when I sleep at night I’m down. Eb The fault is I’m am up I’m not down G In the water I don’t drown Ab Fm Eb Can you tell me where I am on a scale from one to ten I’m down Abm Eb We are down and down Abm Eb We are down but still awake.