Walls & Birds

Walls & Birds - Tapes (Part 1 - 3)

tom: Eb

Eb Eb/D Fm Eb Eb/D Fm There on a brick brick wall Eb Eb/D Fm All hidden with the leaves from an unknown plane (plant) Eb Waiting Bb Lay me down beneath the ruins Where they can not see me then Hiding with the leaves from the season fall Waiting Lay me down in front of you Ab Eb The tapes that I stole G Ab Eb from the record store beside your door Ab Eb Bb I will not bring back bring back Solo on verse Bb Lay me down in front of you Gm F Cm Now every boy & girl under cover of their blanket Gm F Cm See the lights surrounding them and all in all its quite romantic Gm F Cm But the robots in their pockets swept their Kisses stole their lockets Gm F Cm With the photographs inside of their very first own nighte Gm D Cm I will bury then widely in the open land Gm D Cm no rage no fear no emptiness will demonstrate Eb Ab That when I draw my final will Eb Ab with thick black ink on window sills Eb Ab Then you will have to shed no tear Eb Adim because we had our really best time here