Walls & Birds

Walls & Birds - The Three Words (She Said)

tom: F

F C D Bb I live in a square says the busy maid making phonecalls F C D C Where all the dead flies filled the bottom with rum F C D Bb And the landlord is old & angry & sad cause his son died F C D G Gmaj7 G7 G6 at the age of eighteen everything goes on & on The honor of contemplating about the loss of the young folks In spaces where the ugly themselves do define Is neither nor drastic or influenced by madness F C Bb D Dm The only thing you gotta do is to read all the signs Eb Eb/D And I`m swimming on trees get away with me Ab Bb Eb I take care of you too if you want Ab Abm And the late cosmic spread is pretending to be black Bb Eb As the day breaks I`ll be away