Walls & Birds

Walls & Birds - Virgin Bass

tom: Ebm

| Ebmaj7 | Fm Gm Bb :| Eb Well I'm coming on my love Ebm watch out for my sister Eb she knows how it feels in the realms of a twister Fm Gm Bb Eb 2x Ebmaj7 Next page is gold I dance (I dance) F#maj7 You see what I mean Eb Fm Gm Bb Eb Ebmaj7 Well I have lost F#maj7 my shine Bbm7 and mine but she falls for a gent Ab I want it back Db to suit me well Fm Bbm Bb7 to call the things she used to do Ebm Ab Eb Db Love to me mysterious Ebm Ab In your blue eyes Eb Db I vanish cilago Well I have lost my shine and mine You see I was explained at least you see me tell me, tell mama I was confused next that I just some touch I never miss I lost my shine I want it back Molecules Love to me mysterious (Wondering the streets) In you blue eyes (Theres no one to meet with me) I vanish (otherlyworld she seems) Cilago (I only know from dreams) Instrumental: Ebmaj7 Gbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Gbmaj7 Ab Db Otherly world she seems Fm Bbm I only know from dreams Ebm Ab talk to me I'm stunned Eb Db where the longing heart extends Ebm Ab wondering the streets Eb Db theres no one to met with me Ebm Ab otherlyworld she seems Eb I vanish cilago Ebm Love...